Diabetes and Glucose Management

Diabetes is a 24-7 balancing act between food and your blood sugar. One of the first questions newly diagnosed patients ask is: "What is this diabetes diet I have to follow? What can I eat?" Fortunately, diabetes is not a life sentence to a rigid, deprivation-oriented meal plan and the concept of a "diabetes diet" is mostly myth. The best diet for a person with diabetes is the same healthy diet that's best for everyone. 

If you are at risk for diabetes or already have diabetes, you should meet with a registered dietitian. Together with your  health-care provider, your RD can help you manage your blood sugar and lower your risk or improve your existing condition by developing a personalized eating and lifestyle plan.

Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be successfully treated.

Diabetes is a condition that affects how your body uses energy, in the form of glucose, from food. People with diabetes have a high level of glucose in their blood. This can be caused by:

  • Too little insulin being produced by the pancreas
  • Your body not accepting or using the insulin it produces
  • A combination of both

People with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels within a healthy range. Blood sugar levels are controlled through diet, physical activity and, for some people, medication or insulin injections.

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