Diane Pietrocarlo, RD, CSSD, CDN

Kristin Pietrocarlo, MA

Diane and Kristin (Kris) Pietrocarlo are a formidable mother and daughter team, grateful to be working together to help individuals struggling with eating disorders. Each have their unique personal recovery journey and bring this experience to their work with others.

Diane's journey began in the early 1970's when very little was known about anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. Because of the lack of information and resources, Diane's full recovery took more than 6 years. She is grateful for finally connecting with a therapist in college who finally "got it" and enabled her to get her "life back".

Kristin's journey was different. Being raised in a family where there was no weight/size bias, and freedom and encouragement to eat for the love and nourishment of all foods, her ED did not manifest itself until she was on a term abroad in undergraduate school. In Spain she had a significant weight loss, which became a major trigger. Kristin's recovery has been more than remarkable and her mom hopes she will someday write a book about her journey. For now, her love of counseling her clients will suffice.

Diane recalls feeling fortunate as a young mother -- "I thought we were so blessed to have the opportunity to raise our daughters in an environment where an eating disorder would/could not happen. Boy was I naive.”  She now recognizes having neglected to consider the strong genetic factor. Individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, and OCD are at higher risk for eating disorders. This is well documented. Diane and Kris understand this first hand and bring their experience, expertise, and love to their work with others.

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